Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Formal Lab Reports / Earthbound

Formal lab reports are a pain in the ass. In fact any lab report can't ever really be classed as fun, so here I am at 3.34am trying to get mine finished in time so I can be free to do as I please this weekend.

Currently, I am writing my report on trying to find the fringe spacing of a diffraction grating, using a source with known wavelength. Its about as riveting as it sounds.

Hey, anyone remember the game "Earthbound" for the SNES? I recently started playing it again the other day, bad idea when uni work is due. I love this game,

For anyone who has no idea, Earthbound is an RPG, but with a modern setting, and not a horrible JRPG with knights and mages and shit. Instead of swords and staffs, we have baseball bats, and frying pans.

Anyway, we follow the main character, Ness, in a quest to save the future from an evil alien, named Giygas.

This may be my most favourite game, and fondest memory of my SNES.




  1. I'm surprised you don't have more followers, I'll be the first, thanks again for the advice.

  2. I loved earthbound. The SNES has so many good games!

  3. Hey thanks! I am pretty new to this anyway. We'll see how long people can put up with my rants.

  4. I took your advice and I think it looks a lot better. Thank you again.

  5. Probably one of my favourite games as well! Awsome blog, followed!